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Raviv Sivan Law office is strategically located in Haifa, which is the northern capital of Israel, hosting most of the industrial plants, harbor and energy firms operating in country. We are mainly focusing on Corporate legal services and aiming at the heart of the client’s business needs. Raviv Sivan Law Office is a bi-lingual firm, used to provide services both to international and to domestic companies active in Israel. Therefore our office is well aware of the special requirements involved in serving these firms. We are well experienced in walking hand in hand with our clients from the Oil & Gas industry, Infrastructure, Engineering, Mining, Construction, CNC and more. Our agenda is that being available to our clients is a very important part of our business. Therefore we make sure to be there for our clients almost on a 24/7 basis.

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  Phone: +9724-834-8878
  Mobile: +972-544-767-643
  Faks: +972-3617-9033
  Email: raviv@sivanadv.co.il
  Address: 44 Moriya Boulevard, Haifa (POB 7522)

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